2112 the movie?

If they made a movie about the song 2112 by Rush, would you pay $10 to go see it?

I would, but I'm a hardcore Rush fan, so my opinion doesn't really matter.
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Probably. I love Rush, and the story behind 2112 seems interesting.

If you haven't, read Anthem by Ayn Rand. She wrote basically the same story line as 2112. Except in her story he makes a light bulb. Very short read, but very good.
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and you should have made a poll.
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Any non-Rush fans here, though? Seems every person on UG is a Rush fan lol.
i'd give it a shot.
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Never heard of it... i dont listen t rush... not because i dont like them... i just dont listen to them....
Yeah I would.

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Yes, I would!

Well, I'll just rent the movie on iTunes.
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Any non-Rush fans here, though? Seems every person on UG is a Canadian lol.

I didn't actually fix anything...
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sure. i guess.
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