Hey , i wanna ask ive just begon learning guitar and so far ive only learned some chords and practised 1234 stuff . What should i do now idk what else to practice on. Should i learn more chords switching or can any1 give me any more practice methods. (remember im a noob) lol it would be nice if u can help xP
The 1234 is useful for getting the mechanics of moving your fingers down. Keep doing that, keep working on the chords. Have you started on barre chords yet? If not, that's a good next step. Also, start learning some riffs (wait a little on whole songs) and sections from songs that you like. There are lots of guitar books out there for beginners with a lot of useful material including riffs (or riffs "in the style of", if prevented by copyright) from popular rock songs, usually presented in order of increasing difficulty which is handy.
If circumstances allow, get a teacher. In the long run, this can save years of your time, so it's a very good investment of your time and money. A good teacher can catch bad habits and help you make technique corrections early before the become ingrained habits.

Good luck!
Learn new chords (or construct your own), play through scales and arpeggios in as many keys and octaves as you can, that should make a good warmup. Then play through some songs that you like, chords or main melody. Do this on a daily basis gradually increasing difficulty.

Here's a couple of links if you're confused about anything:
what you practice should depend alittle bit on what you want to ultimately be able to play.

if you want to learn to shred, definitely start learning modes (and as much theory as possible)

if you want to learn to play classical, start learning chords and fingerstyles, and how to read standard notation.

if you want to play jazz/blues/...whatever, look up or ask for the appropriate scales and techniques and study + practice them.

and one thing that will help you in almost any genre, is start messing around with scales and learning to improvise.*#

*granted, at the beginner level, start with simple things...

#unless of course, you will NEVER create your own material, and you know you will only cover other players.
I'm going to suggest that you stop playing the "1234" pattern and instead play the 3 notes per string G or F major scale (see attachment). It exercises your fingers and you learn something useful from it.
scales ex.zip
A metal band?
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i like to play rock anythin from punk to metal , but right now im on an acoustic waitin for an eletric . and sometimes i like to mess around with songs. so any help with that
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