Hey guys just posted a song I finished a while ago that I was gonna polish up with some new ideas never posted it here and wanted some valuable crit please.


check it out!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome, I like this song ^^ lol I have nothing for you to crit however. But, anyway, excellent song, very well polished. Reminded me a bit of Jonathan Davis from Korn singing in the intro.
holy fuk dude. Everything about that song is good. I think it was my speakers but it sounded a bit compressed, unless you wanted that cause it sound good that way too.
wow thanks for the complements guys! there is so much more I wanna do to this song to make it actually 'stand out' if you know what I mean...

any more critique??
\M/ b4br4d \M/

Wow, great song dude. That was awesome. I was listening to the verse, thinking, "Okay, this is decent," then the chorus hit, blowing me away. Just one thing though. If it were up to me, I'd ditch the effects on your voice during the verses. But, I just have a dislike for reverb and vocal effects.
Otherwise, really nice song. Do you know where I could get it in mp3 format?
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I'm not really a fan of modern hard rock, but that is as good as anything that I hear playing on the radio. Well done.

To spruce it up a bit, try adding some highs to the guitar tones to give it a bit more sizzle. Also, try to do some harmonies with your vocals instead of just doubling them. Lastly, hard rock really relies on the drums to give it some groove, so boost their levels a bit. Great job on the song.

Mind returning a crit?
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Thanks a lot guys, Im off to crit your tunes. All of the above mentioned comments will be taken to heart! I wish really bad I could go to a real studio someday... lol
\M/ b4br4d \M/

Hey there ... Very nice intro!!
Recordings were done very well!!!
Liking the reverb on the vox. - loving the verse and the change of guitar riffing at about the 4:05 mark!!!

I really don't have anything bad to say about it, A+++++ !!!!

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Very nice. Very nice. Second very good track I've critiqued today.

Criticisms...I try to always critique something no matter how good, just to TRY to be helpful so...

I think the dynamics could use some work. The song felt rather even-handed the whole way through, if that makes any sense...I'm assuming a big reason was you were using a drum machine, right? It didn't have many peaks and valleys in terms of intensity. It stayed the same level consistently through. If I'm unclear, let me know and I'll try to explain better.

C4C on something totally different?
    okay dudes, getting to the crits!!! sorry for the delay i have been having problems at home. go figure......... anyway thanks again for the replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    \M/ b4br4d \M/

    Dude great song. I love the alice in chains feeling you have going on. The playing was excellent and your vocals are great. Quality wise its pretty damn good. I am definitly going to keep an eye on your myspace man. If you have time check out some of my stuff. Thanks

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