Alright, so I've been teaching my girlfriend's little brother (between like, 12-14 years old, I think) how to play guitar, and I've promised him that I'd buy him a new guitar whenever I felt he was at the skill level that's appropriate for the quality of the guitar. So I've decided that I should get him an amazing guitar that'll last him for a while, seeing as his first guitar is a shitty Epiphone Les Paul Special II, that feels wrong in his hands (And especially mine).

He plays mainly metal, and 80s/90s thrash. His biggest influences are Dimebag Darrel, Eddie Van Halen, Marty Friedman, Randy Rhoads, and Dave Mustaine.

I figured I should get him a 1996 or older Kelly KE-1, but I can't find any around and I couldn't bear (is it bear or bare? Sorry, English isn't my first language) to part with it.

So now I'm think about getting him a DKMG (I personally love Jackson necks, I think he does too) or something else with a fast neck.

Question - How is the neck on a Dime from Hel? (The new ones , that cost like, 900-1,300 CDN dollars) Is it's neck fast?
Wow, I know a lot of pros who don't have $1,000 guitars, let alone 12 year kids.
I would get him a Jackson, probably a JS series.

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Wow, I know a lot of pros who don't have $1,000 guitars, let alone 12 year kids.
I would get him a Jackson, probably a JS series.

I figure if I get him this, I won't have to worry about getting him another guitar, 'cause by the time he needs one, he'll be like 16+, enough to have a job and buy one with his own money.

@pro comment: I know, infact, I used a shitty broken-down LP copy from wallmart, for like 3 years before getting a half-assed guitar (Some low-end Kramer, I think?). Regardless, I still think he deserves it. He was born pitch perfect, and with a natural talent with music. He's only been playing for like, a year and 2 months and he transcribed Cowboys from Hell, and In This River perfectly and played it for me.

I mean, I could be a total ass and just kinda force him to learn alone and all that, force hardship on him, etc. but I'm cutting him some slack 'cause his mom passed away a few months ago from MS (Multiple Sclurosis (Spelling?)) and he's been really depressed ever since. Figured if I give him a new guitar, one that he really relaly loves, he may get happier, or something. 'Cause he hates his LP with a passion, lawl.