I found an old Bass around teh house and had the tuning pegs repaired and a few other things done, but no sound comes out of it on any amp I plug it in to with any cables. On my recording device where if there's any sound, you hear more static and buzz, I can hear a whole lot of fuzz when I pick the strings and it shows up that it's hering it, but you can't hear any actual notes being played. I don't know what to do, I put alot of money into it. The 1/4th jack kind of crackles when I plug it in so I don't know. Any help is very helpful.
Open it up and clean out the electronics, of course.

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its probably a bad jack, check the soddering on the inside.

it also may be the pickups. other than that i dont know. most likely the jack is bad tho.
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Try cleaning it up on the inside

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Open it up and clean out the electronics, of course.

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Any links with help on how to do that?

It's fairly simple, all you need is a screwdriver and something to clean it. What kind of bass is it? That way I can give more detail.
I found a black wire that leads from the pickups to the 1/4th jack and it's like cut off right by the jack.

Oh and it's a Fender MusicMaster.
Yeah bro its probably just your lead aye,you'll either need to open it up (untwist the end and check the metal bits are all connected) and if not,solder them back together or buy a new one. I'd recommend buying a new one though,it's not that much money anyway.
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Oh and it's a Fender MusicMaster.

Take off the strings, unscrew the pickguard off and clean it up. Then close it up and put the strings back and see if it works. If not then try fixing or replacing the black wire you say is cut off.