This is accually a poem I wrote for my english class
but my band might want to turn it into lyrics.
Tell me what you guys think =]
helpful criticism would be awesome

The Nameless

They walk among us
I can see them everyday
Can anyone else see these ghosts?
Does anyone know what matters most?

Asking won’t do me any justice
But neither will watching everyone pay
When they all go, will I still stay?
I don’t think there is a chance

But it’s hard to say

I see them at night
I see them in the day
Will I win such a fight?
Or will all this knowledge fade away?

I am afraid

The only weapons they use…
Fear, guilt, and pain
All lead us to confuse
When the crimson stains
Puts our heads in shame
And blows this fuse

They are looking for a name

I know what they look like
And I know how they sound
But I don’t know why
They must walk around

They stare into my eyes
A feeling I despise
I am not going insane
But even I am to blame

They walk among us
I know they are there
What can I do?
When all these Lies come from you…
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