Hi guys, i have a yamaha pacifica 112j... been playin for 2 yrs on and off... but mostly on...

Im starting to grow tired of the sound, the pickups are kinda lame on me as i grow to know better sounds, and also the set-up is starting to go Blahh so is the bridge... rattles everywhere... now this is a beginners guitar so i dont blame it, but is there any point for me to upgrade this like new pickups, get it properly set-up etc...

Im looking at maybe around a $500 guitar.. but have to see later...

For now, the amp is microcube, but im looking to buy either an orange or laney 30wat valve combo... that will already put me back a lot in terms of budget and not sure what that will leave me for my new guitar budget...
(option 1)
you might wanna check around for used guitars and hope for a steal, and then you may have enough for an amp as well.

(option 2)
if its a beginners guitar thats in bad shape, it does seem kind of dumb to repair/upgrade it. of course, with enough work, its possible to turn a beginners guitar into a very nice instrument. if you're attached to your guitar at all, you might wanna put money into upgrades. but that will leave nothing for an amp. (cause unless youve got a friend that can do the work cheap, it will cost quite a bit). pickups alone would probably cost you at least 150$-300$ (parts + installation, for high quality pickups).
Its the MicroCube that makes it sound like that. After 2 years I've gotten to not like mine as much.
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Pacificas are decent guitars.If it's rattling find out how to fix it and save for an amp.
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