how is a song made from a scale? because i dont want every bloody song to have just chords in it if some1 would kindly tell me how it is done it will be greatly appreciated

like how to make a riff with scales and maybe even solos!
That is a tremendously vague question. The major scale is the foundation of nearly all of Western music. If you like to learn exactly how and why, I suggest you start with Crusade articles on this site.

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I was going to respond to this, but then I thought about how long of a response that could be, since "writing with scales" is like Archeo said, ridiculously vague, and at the most fundamental level relates to major scale theory. Then I thought about the trademark Archeo response of learn the theory behind the major scale, so I figured he'd handle it. lo and behold

But I wanna say that writing with scales you might as well say is just writing music period. Just because you learn a scale doesn't mean you all of a sudden have the capability to choose random notes from it and create music. You have to learn how scales work, and why is say, a pentatonic scale a pentatonic scale? well, penta = 5, pentatonic scale = 5 notes, = the parent scale minus general avoid notes. Basically the consonant notes or common chord tones. You gotta learn to understand things like that, and it all comes from the major scale. Pretty much everything is based off it, and everything that isn't entirely based on it comes from the experience of knowing it and when to 'break the rules'. So yea, creating music is a big task..
I remember learning pentatonic and wondering how to make leads with it. Everything I played in it for a couple of months sounded like recycled garbage, until I started learning more about the major scale. It just makes everything fall into place. so basically what Archeo said