Heya. At the moment I'm looking at a used 2001 American Standard stratocaster with a rosewood fretboard, about $650. Includes all the goodies one would new(hardshell case, whammy bar, cleaning cloth, strap, strap locks I think are also included on the American Standards, not positive though). Anyway, I wanted to ask anyone who owns a 2001 American Standard, how is it? How does it feel, how does it sound*, and what's your opinion of it. Also, if you have tried and/or own one or both a 2001 American Standard and a 2008 American Standard, what the difference is.

*If you could just post a soundclip so I can judge for myself, I'd really appreciate that, but text works too.

Also, I don't want to hear anything along the lines of "Get an Ibanez", "strats suck" or "Humbuckers > Single coils, get a Les Paul". I hate thin necks, which kills almost every Ibanez, and I already have a Paul Reed Smith copy for humbucker tones, and it can sound like a Les Paul with the neck pickup. Plus nearly every one of my idols uses, or, if dead, used a strat, I figure I may as well get one.

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If the strat is in good condition and it's $650 US dollars then buy it. IMO, there is no real difference between a 2001 and a 2008.