I have a friend who is really into acoustic stuff and soft-rock type music. He doesn't seem to have much confidence in his playing and thinks very little of it for some reason that is beyond me.

He's been playing for close to two years (one year of being self taught then a year of lessons) For the style he's shooting for, I think he's pretty good.

He wrote a chord progression earlier that took him the better part of fifteen minutes that has some good sounding changes in it, in my opinion.

Here's a recording I badgered him into making. Feedback would be awesome. Help me convince him he's better than he admits!

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Holy shit...tell your friend he's a great player. That honestly was among the nicest progressions i've recently heard. Amazing voicing and rhythm as well, there was a great flow to the whole thing that made it sound professional. I've been playing just about four years and still can't get a progression to sound like that hehe.

BTW if your up to it could you crit mine a bit? It's not nearly as professional as your friends so it might even give him a bit of a confidence boost.
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