right now i got a schecter c1 hellraiser, and being i play mostly dropB-ish stuff, i was considering getting a 7 string to get a better sound over the loose strings i have now. now i dont want a shitty 400 dollar 7 string with passive pickups and one pot, i want a good one. i was most likely looking at the c7 hellraiser, but i was just wondering if there is any other brand that gives good quality like the schecters. on another note, being i'd have to salvage $750 bucks or so, i'd more than likely be selling/trading in my current hellraiser, omen6, and most likely my piddly ass kustom amp; if i take all of this to guitar center, is there any chance of not getting ripped off and making out with over 600 bucks? or would i be better off doing it independently off of something like craigslist or ebay?
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your allways better of selling it yourself, sell it on ebay or trade it, don't go through somebody like guitar center.
Definitely sell independently. Pawn shops and GC bid low and sell really high.

For other 7's, check out Ibanez. The RG7321 is a good and cheap 7 that just needs a pick-up change.
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Yeah sell independently

7ers to check out if you like Schecter

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if you're mainly playing drop tunings, why not just grab some heavier strings and have your 6 tuned to BEADF#B?
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