Just something I've been working on lately...
Drums are horrible, I have no idea what I'm doing and I spent very little time on them.
There's a section during the first acoustic bit with a guitar not playing, that's where I'll play a bit of improv live.
It's a bit unfinished and rough so please let me know how I can impove on it.
Untitled Prog metal.zip
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pretty good although im really not a fan of long drawn out acoustic intros, they just get boring after reapeating the same riff for what seems like an age. thsi song could be condensed down into about half the length and as such it would be alot more interesting. also its not particularly progressive, its more just a melodic death/ death metal song. i also really hate long trem picked parts, the only 2 bands that i can stand this in is gojira and decapitated.

overall its a good attempt but it needs more memorable riffs like the harmonised dist riff which was very good.

if you could check out my prog/mathcore song it would be cool: