looks badass
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cool dude what pickup is in it?
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i have to say this...

my friend had one of those washburn lyon strats...

we got bored one day

so we set it on fire.

now thats not totally unheard of in the world of guitar, but we let it burn for about 1 minute, then we just kept it and played it as normal. it has a nice burnt wood smell that it leaves on your forearm after you finish playing it

as for yours, you sir, had a much better idea of what to do with it.
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cool dude what pickup is in it?

im not sure just the ones that came with it
To be honest man I don't really like it but to each his own.

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lovely stuff.

i really like the white and black evh guitar... i much prefer it to the red that was added later.
Thank you please.
Looks pretty good, man. It doesn't look exactly like the original but it's close enough to pick up on the inspiration.
SLAP energy drinks ftw.
i have that guitar haha
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