Well, bloody hell. I don't know what came over me, but I literally seconds ago crapped out this pseudo-free verse-acoustic number. Think of Dashboard Confessional experiencing violent diarrhea on my keyboard.

First song I've ever written, too. Obviously, this sucker isn't finished. Off the top of my head... rhythym needs work, some cliched lines, but what the hell. If you want to offer any suggestions as to where it could go, I'm not gonna object. Danke, gentlemen.


Something's broken deep inside of me
As I stare down at cracked, shattered concrete
I know I shouldn't feel guilt for this
I know I'm doing both of us a kindness

So I'm standing on the curb, the one that I'm about to kick you to
And I can't meet your eyes because you always made me feel so small and so ashamed
I couldn't tell you where I found the guts to follow through with this
And even as I say the words and you meet me with a glassy, broken stare
Something in me cuts me down to nothing and I'm coming to realize

All the doubt and all the self-deprecation is you
All the poison and the shame, the sleepless nights, they flow from you
But why can't I look you in the eye
The cold, abiding anger fades away
I come to know that in your own, cold-hearted way
Something inside you is broken, too,
And I'm the one who broke it, just like you