Alright I've been playing guitar for about 5 months, I want to learn how to tab songs and stuff, I tabbed the easiest solo I could find, but it took me like 2 hours. I don't know what or where the G thing or C thing is on the guitar, no notes or anything, just things such as 14 fret on 2nd string don't know name of chords of strings or anything I'm completely self taught, but now I want to know music theory, someone please give me a link or something to a site or video that explains theory from the very beginning please, thanks!

-Victor S.

Heres the solo, don't mind my pinky I was born with it that way.

I've seen your video and you did a very nice job for the time you have been playing. However I do advise you to bend with your ring finger and have the index and the bad mother finger supporting your bend, that way bending is easier and it gives you a better tone.

About the theory... no idea
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Here is a good series of articles on music theory, its broken down into 12 parts so go in order.


great articles
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The fingers you used for bending where fine. Good to see the 4th finger used, if anything, just try to keep the line of your left hand knuckles more parallel to the run of the fingerboard.
There are good theory threads on UG. Try looking at "bangoodcharlote"s offerings for a starter.
It's a slow process, assimilating theory into practice, and it can be accelerated by a good teacher, so don't set any unrealistic timeframes.
Thanks for the link and words of encouragement I'm reading the link posted right now their awesome, thanks!

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I advise you to get some lessons, and ask for theory.

This, if you have the money. If not then those websites are good.