Here's a track based around a clean guitar melody, timed by faithful ezdrummer in 6/8 @ 160bpm. It's got 4 rhythm guitar tracks (two left, two right), and a fifth track for leads.

called "The Anthem"
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also theres a low quality version on youtube

feedback appreciated and C4C guaranteed
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I loved it. Was tapping my foot without realizing it. Nice upbeat tune. Could have used some bass though. Makes nice background music when browsing the net. Gets a 9.5/10 from me.

What did you use for the drums anyway?
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hey thanks bro- i used ezdrummer- it has a lot of 6/8 grooves it took me about 1 hr to make the drum track... it really is easy
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new track im workin on.. rhythm(4 guitar tracks) and drums done. lead to be added soon

called 'Melodic jam in 6/8'
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feedback appreciated and c4c

I have to say you should have turned up the rhtyhm guitars and the piece in general I almost had to turn up my speakers really high to hear it, but over all its cool, I was jamming to it, 6/8 soloing is fast as hell, but I do really like its, its bluesy, its jazzy, very uplifting, its really cool man.
This sounds awesome man! I would loooove to hear some vocals over this!! This is hands down one of the best things ive heard on here in a while. Put together and a great listen overall.
id give it 5/5

i also listened to your classical gas cover nice job on that too
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Pretty sweet stuff. I was bobbin my head, sounded like funky celtic mixed with something else i just cant place. Either way, it was very nice. Happy Vibes, now im smiling haha


Thanks for critting mine (and camparing it to Maiden, none the less! )
Loved it! Really nicely done. Cool groove and the guitar sounds great! Thanks for checking mine out too.