I need someone to refinish a Strat body for me... I tried and failed, basically

Preferably sub-£100. I would like a nice, smooth polyurethane finish like you see on brand new Strats... all nice and shiny like

I can provide 400ml (or thereabouts) cans of the shade of paint I want. And I need a price quote upfront - if you say "I'll do it and tell you how much it is when I've done it" then I fear I may not be able to afford it when you've done, and I'll be down a Strat body. So upfront quote, please, for polyurethane solid colour, with main paint and body provided.

If there's anyone out there (pro or not) who can do this, get in touch pronto. And don't just reply with links to tutorials, as I've tried and failed.

Okay... never mind... I'll take one more shot at it myself... I discovered I need to use something called sanding sealer

Mods, do what you will