does anyone know how to remove instruments from a song, so that i can remove the guitar in it and play it myself.
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Have you ever heard of Guitar Pro. You can download MIDI tabs that play the song for you from here, then you can mute out certain tracks in the tab, it's how I practice my own music.
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yeah i usually do that but guitar pro is never just as good then the actual song to jam out and practice to.
yeah, you need some type of wav,mp3, or whatever changer or "converter................i have the converter for everything........but if you really wanted what you were asking for.......just run a recording/editing program and "PHASE CANCEL" different situations....for ex. I'll stick 7dust in my pro-tools driver and cancel the phase and al I hear is the drums and bass, or vocals and bass, or vocals, or vocals and guitars......its up to you......mostly the mastering of all major-labels go as follows..........vocals
kick (add 2k if you want that metal click sound)
room mic-drums
synths, leads, ect..........
can you mute tracks in tuxguitar???
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HOODOO: yes you can, but its more of a compression effect to where you still all the tracks...........its still a cool program, but very limited
Only real way to remove an instrument in a song is to get the original data and work with that file.

You could also try some EQing and compression but most of the time it messes with the other tracks.

There are sites out there which sell songs instrument by instrument (or track/track) however they are high in price...

One more thing comes to mind which is a little high in price once again but works.
MIDI, get a MIDI track of the song and plug it into a sequencer of choice. run each channel of the MIDI into a VST and you should be able to turn that into audio with better sounds than say...Guitar Pro.
Once again, the sequencer may be higher in price, I'm talking software like Sonar Producer here...

Lastly, try to see if you can get someone to make a cover for the song such as this thread:

I dont know how well he does but he seems to know his stuff.
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1. Get the MIDI guitar pro file.
2. Delete the guitar track
3. Move it to Logic or something, and choose some good instruments instead of crappy default midi ones.