Just a few questions for everyone, feel free to answer with your opinion or what worked for you.

How many members?
My band is a five peice,

What do the members do?
Vocalist = Myself
Guitarist x 2
Bassits x 1
Drummer x 1

Covers or Originals? We can play a pretty wide range of songs, as well as have a few originals, but what is going to get us noticed?
When we play covers sure the crowd goes "HOLY CRAP! I KNOW THAT SONG!" and are interested, assuming we play it well. Obviously depending on the venue we'll play different types of songs, when we play at our high school, we'll play stuff like Escape the Fate, Atreyu, Mayday Parade(LOL), BFMV etc. However if we're doing a bar gig or something with a greater number of adults present we'll play stuff such as Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, (classic rock/metal) obviously playing to your crowd.

Our originals are Drop C songs with metal riffs, and some screaming, usually quite dark lyrics,(emo if you will). However we only play these at band nights and when we see fit, problem with this is? Sure we've got the technical skill to play covers, but how do they know who and what we are?

Is it important to have a massive rig worth thousands of dollars?
Between us we've got about $12,000 worth of equipment, including the drumkit and our guitars, we are set up to be able to play a venue as big as a basketball stadium before we start pushing our equipment. We've payed for this mostly externally, being christmas presents, and money from our part time jobs

Assuming we've got some good quality recordings, should we make a myspace?
To many bands have horrible myspaces, with either bad or no recordings, a horrible layout with www.myspacemaster.com spammed everywhere and have no idea how to use HTML. This makes me think to myself "You guys really suck.." without even seeing them live or looking into them, I've already decided I don't like them.

Where should we record?
Is it worth spending the money to get some recordings or should we keep playing live and hope that someone (an independent label/nice person who wants to make us famous) is kind enough to give us a shot?

Image wise, should we conform to trends or just be ourselves?
At the moment we've got decent haircuts, none of us are fat and we have decent sense of style, however we're not emos, scene kids or HxC kids. We're pretty average looking similar to bands like Atreyu, Mayday Parade, Every Time I Die.

Any advise?
Any tips or tricks of the trade you guys may have developed over time?

Thanks lads.
If you want to promote your music, just go to the recording section of the forum.

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I'm sure there is another place for this, but I'll answer anyways.

If you're ready to get your band out there, try everything and anything. Myspace? You can edit it when need be, so don't sweat it.

I suggest going on to craigslist and looking for some students or people with home studios that have cheap rates. A lot of talented people out there willing to record your music just for the experience and extra cash. You don't need a fancy studio USUALLY if you all have your own equipment.

As far as trends go, depends. If you follow suit, you might gain more followers and lose the respect of the more "hardcore" individuals if you will. But what are you in this for? Popularity or music?

I think most of these questions you can answer yourself. A lot of it is common sense. Originals or covers? Both. Expensive equipment important? Yes if you're Paris Hilton.
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Make a myspace, its obviously not the single rule of success to being in a band like some people make it out to be, but alot of great things can come of it, simply through adding and talking to people.
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This might be better suited in the Band Leading section. I'm not quite sure whether your asking questions or giving advice on half of these points, but briefly...

Covers vs. Originals
I think covers are very important for the development of the band - you get to see what is possible, what people know, what styles may be suited to you. But as time goes on you will most likely want to concentrate more on original material. Even then, there is no harm in throwing in a crowd pleaser somewhere in the set - perhaps do your own take on the song to make it more original. Everyone from The Beatles, Guns N Roses and Muse have treated covers with respect in their sets, and it works a treat if you do it properly.

Expensive Rig
Quality instruments will no doubt improve your sound, but its not like you need to go out and spend a fortune. Most likely, mid-range instruments will do the job. Your emphasis should be on songwriting and putting on a good show - if you're recording you can use studio amps and engineering to tweak your sound to perfection.

I don't see why having a music myspace would be considered anything more than an advantage. The music streams straight away, all the major bands have one and there are thousands of people out there with immediate links to your site. Not falling into the trap you mentioned would be the best advice - keep it neat, tidy and accessible, people will show an interest. Get on the other sites too - lastfm, slice the pie, garageband etc

Very Important. You mentioned that you want to play live in hope of being spotted, but thats not quite how it works. First thing to mention here is that playing live often depends on having demos that you can show to the promotors/venue in the first place. Secondly, being spotted live will most likely not happen without having recordings - you need something to build up a fanbase! It is very rare and also an industry myth that you will get spotted at a promotors own night by some influential A&R man. Your best way to go about getting spotted is as follows:
Make it hard NOT to be spotted.
Do this by building up a fanbase: play live as much as you can, treat your fans to free downloads on your website/s and then put on your own sellout shows to attract press attention. Recording these demos and deciding on where to record depends entirely on your budget. You might want to do some research on local producers, but I would recomend saving up for something that you consider radio quality, because then your track won't get discriminated on terms of quality by media or fans alike.

Best of luck,
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Once you haver recordings of your music, make a myspace.
Then advertise yourselfs on websites, forums etc etc.
Just add yourself to a load of other cool bands that are like your genre of music on myspace, then talk to them, become good friends and put each other on top friends. etc etc. But yes, make sure you have a good page. I agree with that whole idea of "bad page, bad band" cause i get that impression too.

And what the person above said is good aswell..
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Covers are definately important, but as mentioned earlier, do them in your own manner. Play a real classic that everybody can sing along with, but with your own personal touch.

Don't try to appeal too much, make your own music and promote that, if you're good enough; people will notice you.
Get band, play gigs anywhere and everywhere all the the time!

Even if your at a venue you dont fit in, just go balls out and enjoy it, you might turn a few heads.

I played acoustic stuff at a punk night a few weeks ago, i ended up selling out of CDs.

Just gig gig gig!
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my band used to take loads of stuff before we realised we didn't need it. all we take is guitars and drum breakables. i just run my guitar through the PA via the pod, and bass player doesn't even have that. most audiences care very little about the intricacies of tone, and this allows us to play venues much further away, at much lower costs because we can just use public transport.
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Make a myspace page,

There is no downsides at all.
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Make a myspace page,

There is no downsides at all.

Of course there is, bad first impressions are everything. If you look like every start-up band out there, then no one will take you seriously.

Take your time, and make it legit if you are going to do it. If not, don't bother doing it. Fundamental principle that all marketeers know...
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Dude you've got to know people. Start talking to musicians who have had experience and everything. Trust me it works, without connections my band wouldnt be around now.