I know on some amps, solid state or tube, that you can get upgrades or mod kits to fiddle with them and make sound better. Is there any kind of mod like this for my Marshall MG 30?

My Marshall sounds like poo without my CryBaby
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its not worth the effort
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My Marshall sounds like poo

^Note: Probably sarcastic
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like shining a turd
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A good way to mod it is take the plug off the end, improves the tone greatly

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I've got a great mod for it you can do with a soldering iron

cover it in petrol and leave the iron stabbed through the tolex turned on

(but seriously, I have never heard of a mod for MGs, plus as said it would be like polishing a turd)

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Honestly you would be better off selling the MG and using the money from that plus the money you were gonna use to mod it to buy a better amp. Go to the GG&A section of the forum, list how much money you will have available roughly an what kind of sound you want to achieve and they will be able to help you.
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