im planning on getting a Vox amplug (i don't mind what kind)
just so i can take anywhere without having to carry a heavy amp.
so i wanted to know if you just plug the thing into a guitar and it projects sound
or like you HAVE to use headphones?
yes you need headphones, you plug it into your amp also i believe
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Cant remember names, but I believe Orange do one, Roland do one and Vox might. Google it or look on thier websites.
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Marshall do 2, the MS-2 and MS-4, i have the MS-2, its ok if your not worried about having a good tone.
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get a set of good mini speakers along with the vox ac30 amplug.
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get a set of good mini speakers along with the vox ac30 amplug.

yeah, that's the thing i wouldn't want to buy speakers and an amplug,
cause its annoying to carry around (talkin' bout the speakers)
so im just gonna go for a
Danelectro DJ-16 Bacon & Eggs Mini Amp/distortion pedal
which is like 19$..
but there are no youtube videos to show me that its good..
does anybody own it on U-G?