Okay so most of the time when you look up videos of dylan from back in the sixties he uses a gibson acoustic. i know that much so dont just say "gibson", alright? What ive noticed is that the body is really small and a kind of strange shape i can only describe as "mini-jumbo-hourglass" i just want to know what the official name for this shape is and if i could get one. just look up vids from the movie "Dont look Back" if you dont know what im talkin about, he uses that kind of guitar in it.
Nick lucas special is the name of the guitar model I believe, I dunno whether the shape has an official name or not. Sorry I've got nothing else.
I believe the guitar is parlour shape guitar... or maybe that's Joan Baez. I've seen Dylan use dreadnoughts as well. Not sure. I doubt he used teh same guitar all the way throughout his career.