Style and Sound
Fragmenta take primary elements of 80s Thrash/Heavy Metal sound and combine it with a modern edge of progression and technicality. With our unique, relentless rhythms, fast solos and complex arrangements from a wide variety of influences, we hope to make a strong, solid impact on our listeners. We are a true example that Thrash can be and still is, very heavy.

We would like to give a big collective thank you to all of our close friends, fellow bands that have shared the stage with us and all of our fans. Your support keeps us going and makes Fragmenta the determined force that it is.

History and Inside information
Officially formed in April 2007, founding member Duncan wanted to get this band off the ground after a period of dormancy. After a while, Cameron contacted Duncan and later that day they met. They jammed that day and discovered that they they got along well both musically and socially. So the search was on for a bass player and after help from Adelaide band Saeturnum, Mike entered as bassist within 3 days of looking. Also that day Cameron's friend Zac, which Cameron knew from a previous band they were in together, was enlisted as rhythm guitarist after being interested in joining a band. All was well until Mike decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and after months of bass player problems, Mike then decided he wanted back in, and it was back to the original line-up. Fragmenta are all under 19 at this present time.

Fragmenta made it's debut on the stage on the 8th of December 2007 in front of a large, enthusiastic crowd at the Underground, opening for our long time friends and supporters Asphyxia. Our unique brand of Thrash has gained us many new fans since we started gigging and also led to us being picked for special appearances at Scorcherfest 2008, Carclew's Off The Couch shows and at some of Adelaide's biggest bands' CD Launches throughout 2008. Those bands included Double Dragon, Truth Corroded, Closed Casket, Octanic and Asphyxia.

Dec 07/Jan 08 marked the release of our debut CD "The First Assault" with 3 tracks.

Fragmenta have had the honour of sharing the stage with many respected bands such as Double Dragon, Truth Corroded, Closed Casket, Black Like Vengeance (Vic), Skintilla, Octanic, Blood Mason and Asphyxia, and also with many great upcoming bands like Kathexus, Grievance and Arcadia.