Hi, this is my first post .

I've been playing on an old YAMAHA G55 (Classic guitar) for roughly 10 months now, and its finally time for an upgrade.
I live in Israel and since the prices here are pretty high I'm going to order the guitar from US.

I have ~$1000 to spend on the new guitar where as only ~$500 on my amplifier.
(Bear in mind that the amplifier will be bought in Israel, different prices ).

Favorite bands: Rammstein, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Breaking Benjamin, The Beatles & Green Day.

After reading about types of wood from which guitars are built and the influence each has on the tone & the difference between humbuckers and single coils from one brand to another, it pretty much comes down to these two guitars:

-ESP Ltd KH-602
-Jackson SLSMG Soloist

Sadly, neither of which grants me a case to protect the guitar, so I'm going to purchase one as well.

-Has anyone experienced any problems with one of the two?
-Which one do you think is better? Please explain.
-Any other good guitar(s) for metal/rock (within my budget)? Which amplifier goes well with that guitar(s)?

Thanks in advance.
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are you going to be gigging with this amp, or playing at home or jammin with a band or what?

EDIT: forgot about the guitar. id go for the ESP, but if you cant be bothered with the floyd rose then get the jackson.
what the **** ?!!! you v been playing for 10 months and you're forking out that much for ****ing gear?! you're gonna look stupid playing scom on a thousand dollar guitar... id go for the jackson tho, sigs are never versatile enough.
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well seeing you ain't been playing wrong I can guarantee you will get really annoyed with a floyd within a few weeks. There fun at first when your doing squeals, or infact when your an experienced player and you can do some great technuiqes with them. But restringing them isn't as hard as people make out, just time consuming, and you can easily change tunings. Plus floating trems kind of absorb bends, so you cant get as much whail out of a bend as you can with a fixed bridge.

Both guitars are great, but I'd go for the jackson. Simple and plays really well
Thanks for the quick replies.

@ ac/dc752-
Yeah, I'm aware of the huge jump, but I believe that I'll progress faster with a good
solid guitar rather than a plastic Guitar Hero toy( ) which I'll end up dumping for a better one after a short period of time.

@ ginjaninja-
Only for playing at home at the moment since I'm not in a band, I might play with my friend. As far as performing goes, I have stage fright, so no gigging for a while .

@ -
Yeah, I'm intimidated by the floyed rose right now(Probably because I'm inexperienced). Even though, future need of it will result in buying a new guitar, so its very confusing .
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Always get the best you can afford.
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PEAVEY VYPYR yea!! or a small tube amp what do you play?
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I don't recommend passive pickups for any kind of blues tone. Ideally, you'd want a passive pickup with a reasonably low level of output.
I've got another problem!
If you look carefully on the Jackson SLSMG Soloist page on jacksonguitars.com(Enlarge image), you can see that "EMG-HZ" is written on the pickups while the pickups should be EMG 85(N) and EMG 81(B), as listed on the specifications.

-Is that the wrong guitar/picture?
-Does it have the wrong pickups?
-Is this the way its supposed to be?


@ eahilder-
Basically metal/rock, some clean as well. Could you give more information/opinions about the "Peavey Vypyr" or why is this amplifier good for my needs?
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Spend less on guitar and more on amp? As good as Vypyrs are, you getting a 'great' guitar and a 'fair' amp. You would do better spending 200 less on a guitar and adding that to your amp fund. I am a Schecter person now so I would suggest a Blackjack C1 (FR or not is up to whether you want one) they are very versatile, coil tapping easily get RHCP and the JB and 59 pickups cover everything else. That would save you some money to spend on a better amp which I don't know anything about prices where you are. Valveking maybe? Used mesa/boogie off ebay, You can get DC- models for less than 500US which have an active EQ and stuff which makes them very adaptable?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Maybe I should check out some used mesa/boogie's since Rammstein's guitarists use mesa/boogie as one of their amps,at least according to rammstein-europe and I like their sound(At the bottom):
Richard Kruspe
Paul Landers

*Bump* Can anyone help me with my "Wrong pickup/guitar" problem?(My last post)
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