i just bought a peavey classic 30 (highly recemend getting one) very good crunch to it, but i want some really high gain for screamin solos and stuff.

price isnt too much of an issue i just want maybe under 300
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I hear good things about them pedals.

I wish AMT products were sold in the UK.

EDIT: What about a DistStation?
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Jekyll and Hyde is also a good pedal that matches the Classic well, can get all the gain anyone would ever need, buts its a very bright pedal. The OD is also a great tube screamer clone which you could use as a boost, or just for a lighter sounding OD.
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For a cheap and good boost-style OD, look into a DigiTech Bad Monkey...

If you're looking for something that will make your amp ROAR, perhaps a BlackStar HT.
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i think i'll probably get a fulltone ocd pedal, those are pretty nice!
Metal Muff, cheap and good for br00talz.
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i think i'll probably get a fulltone ocd pedal, those are pretty nice!

My OCD is one pedal I could never do without. The way it adds to the tone of my 6505 is amazing. It has to be heard to be believed.