I'm thinking of buying this line6 product but i cant find any reviews on it, do you guys recommend it ? I also don't need to use anything live, i just want something to record through. Please tell me your thoughts, opinions and recommendations.

Heres a link to it: http://line6.com/podstudioux2/
Thanks in advance
Well it hasn't come out but it looks promising. Wonder how the new software will compare to the current Toneport Gearbox software..
OHHHH no wonder i cant find any review ><
thanks ... do you know when it comes out ?
Quote by DGen92
OHHHH no wonder i cant find any review ><
thanks ... do you know when it comes out ?

i think its the same thing as the toneport just in black. so you can just get the toneport ux2 if you wanted.

i think they just renamed their toneport series.
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Just got email from line 6 .. ( i live in europe you know .. may have some delay you know)...
i think it's pretty much the same except new series come in black and have the no-latency stuff...

but does the normal toneport come with ableton and such ?
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Ah okay, I have the UX2 - comes with a demo version of Ableton and the Gearbox modelling software as do all of the toneport range.

It's very easy to "obtain" a full version of Ableton without spending money though.. I dont think the demo allows more than 4 channels of recording or saving.