Ok so heres the scoop:

Walked into the shop and had a bit of a look round, noticed that the fender section was void of Jazzmasters (I was sad)

I had a play on a Highway 1 Tele (Very Nice)

As i was jamming along, the owner took out this guitar that just captured my look and i instantly fell in love:

As soon as i picked this up i KNEW it was the one for me. I would of bought this guitar even if it had been painted to look like a pile of Vomit. The neck is lovely and thick, The pickups are really warm and it has tons of twang on tap too. And its set up perfectly!

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pretty sure thats a fender jaguar, nice
how much?

It's a CIJ Jazzmaster, Purple sparkle

A lot less than RRP, thats how much
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It's a CIJ Jazzmaster, Purple sparkle

A lot less than RRP, thats how much

haha, nice
Mmmmmmmmmmm looks great

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Quote by ClementWave
It's a CIJ Jazzmaster, Purple sparkle

A lot less than RRP, thats how much

i think hes trying to tell us he stole it. Very nice guitar though, congrats.
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excellent, japanese Fenders are nice.
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I saw that in the store as well and begged the clerk to play it, Loved the purple finish.

I was very disappointed in everything about it though.

But if you love it, all the power to you. happy new guitar day!
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I'm not one for the color, myself, but I'd cream myself if I got a CIJ Jazzmaster. Wouldn't really fit the style of music I like to play, but I love them anyway.
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Finish; Oh god, it looks like something Prince would play.

Guitar itself; Incredible. Jazzmasters are great guitars I think, except for the fact they use pickups that only are used on Jazzmasters. Very nice find.

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