Id get a Vintage Modified Squier Strat, maybe with a humbucker already in it. It should sound great, and some say it plays better than a Mim Strat.
Get the strat, i think its more bang for your buck. Alot of ppl buy standard strats and upgrade them. They also make those with duel coils. I have a standard strat ($400 new), but I'm sure you could get a nice used one for $300.
I'd get a used Strat, or a Classic Vibe Strat/Vintage Modified Squier one, which is really good.

So yeah. You can put a 'bucker in the Strat, and you can't really put a single coil in the Epi unless you get a humbucker sized P90.

But yeah, I'd get the Strat.
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Strat most likely, I have both guitars and they are both great! You can't go wrong.
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