I have a Boss micro BR and I am very happy with it apart from when I record my voice the volume is so low you can only just hear it, this is what I have done so far, and if needed I will buy another recorder.

I am using a dynamic mic that works on everything else, to get it into the boss I have to use a reducer as the Boss conection is 1/8 jack, the mic is mormal size.

I use the "Line in" socket.

I have ajusted the levels up to max.

I have tried "plug in power" but there is no change.

Has anyone an answer to this problem, is it something stupid that I am doing. Or do I need to change the mic or the recorder.

As I write my own songs I must be able to record the words, at the moment I am just making backing tracks.

Thanks for looking, I hope that you can help.
i don't have experience with the recorder but the mic may need phantom power.
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Could it be the mic, I am using a dynamic mic, would a condenser mic be better. Sorry but I don't know what the diferance between the two is