Well im looking at ordering the Schecter C-1 Plus from LA Music. So if you have ever ordered from LA Music how long did it take for you to get your item and what condition it was in when you got it
I've never personally ordered from there, but if you do some Google searches you will find some bad things said about it. What I gathered was that as long as you don't need it within a specific timeframe, and you buy the insurance, it at least won't be a disaster.
Notorious S.I.G.
Wait you are in Mississauga which is where they are located. I bought 2 guitars from there and a line 6 pod x3. No real problems but just make sure to call first to see if they have stock
Lol i didnt knew they were an actual store, but just a site like musiciansfriend. Well i called them up and they didnt have the Schecter C-1 Plus in stock, but they said they could order one and it would arrive in 7-10 days. Can i trust them on that or will it take longer than that. Ive seen that reviews of LA Music is generally bad, but is ordering from the store the same as ordering from their site.