hey, i just got home with a mahogany body blank and soft curly maple to go on top of it. now heres my problem, i really love the look of the paul reed smith SC 250
heres a link: http://www.prsguitars.com/sc250/index.html and want to copy the shape but dont know how to. im a terrible drawer so if anyone knows of a website with a printable template for this kind of shape that would be awsome. thanks in advance.
check the ultimate template thread, they could probably whip one up pretty quick, or point you towards someone who could.


google "guitar template" there is a site that sells most of the major shapes for a reasonable fee... it might be guitartemplates.com or something...

edit: like the guy above posted... erm...
Thank you please.
go into a shop - steal one and cut out the template - then return!

or if you have a local guitar shop that sells them (not a big chain) where you know them fairly well, then just ask - but buy something too. strings or something, but dont just go in and start asking to draw round their guitars.

tell them its a school project if you need a good reason. people are usually a lot happier to help.