I just bought a new epi LP custom, and with it came a cable... which I needed

I already have a monster rock cable, which I love the quality, but I also have a distortion pedal which I use...

The cable it came with is just some cheap guitar cable... nothing special

So I was wondering how I should set my cables up

should it be

guitar-good cable-distortion pedal-cheap cable-amp
guitar-cheap cable-distortion pedal-good cable-amp

I'd normally go out and buy a better cable, but I'm kinda broke now lololol

I'd go good cable - distortion- cheap cable. You need the better cable for your unamplified signal straight out of the guitar. After being boosted in the distortion pedal, the signal will be more imune to the increased loss from the cheapo cable.
Moving on.....
simply trying it out and seeing which is better would probably be faster than w8ing for UGers to answer you. but if you want my opinion, i'd put the bad cable in between ur pedal and your amp

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if you've already got a decent cable, just play without the distortion pedal until you get a better one, cause the cheap cable will just suck your tone wherever you put it

EDIT->> Just noticed your amp is a spider 3... so wherever you put the cheap cable it's going to sound crap anyways, so it really doesn't matter.
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