if glass protects the innocence of truth,
then these lies are now not shatter proof,
i hold the camera still to catch a glare,
to show that noone's really there,
i will never be quite satisfied,
knowing all the bullshit i held inside,
only if i could see the line,
then these scars won't happen every time,

so stop drop and roll i'll pour the gas on the open fire,
you'll burn with hope that someday i won't wake up
going crazy, going crazy

i use to see all my visions in color,
now the blurs already taken over,
first my heart and now my brain,
is it me or am i insane,
so so long to the real me,
i died on april 20th with a fatal wound to my head,
A bit morbid for my tastes. The only thing I have to say is that you should replace no one with nobody. No one sounds a little awkward.

The last line is a bit awkward. I would get rid of I died on April 20th part.

Cheers though!

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