I know this is the wrong place but I couldb't get no replies in riffs and recordings. Ok, so on my Line 6 Spider III Amp, it says that you record from it and the manual to it doesn't say anything. So can the pit tell me how to do this.
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just run a cable from your pwr out jack (it may be pre in, i can never remember) to your computer with a line-in end on it

pretty simple. thats how i do it with my fender amp

EDIT: use audacity, its free and really good


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cable goes from headphine jack to audio imput on your computer, you must have recording software
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several ways....

but i think they mean... the two output things on the back....

turn it around and look for 1 left and 1 right socket
hawk's right ya know, that's how i do my recordings and it takes me at least an hour just pulling the buzz out of the tracks
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