There seems to be a weird problem with my homepage. UG seems to just not work on my computer. The Pit works, and so do the rest of the forums, but this happens with the homepage, and if I go to look up tabs. I don't think its Firefox's problem either, because it comes up normal on any other computer I've tried.

Take a look see.


Tabs page:

Anyone else have this problem, any solutions/thoughts?
For real.
Mine's perfectly fine...
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Oh yeah, I used to get that as well. Something's being blocked by your firewall mate, I'm not sure what it is. It changed when I got a new virus checker.
I know you can set all fonts on the internet to a font of your choice. Did you do that? Dunno what's up with the colours though.
Happens to me on particularly laggy days, if it has only just started it might fix itself but otherwise someone might be able to help you.
i had this happen to me a couple of times with my ie. but i would just refresh and it'd be great after that. might try deleting your temporary files, cashe, etc...

hey, at least you're looking up some great tabs...
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