I am considering putting and EMG 81/85 combo into my LTD KH 202 and later on maybe sticking an original floyd rose in it. This would be about $400 plus labour, maybe. whereas the KH 602 is around $1200 in local stores. Is it worth the cash to invest in an old cheap favourite or just upgrade?
k the emgs not a bad idea and the ofr isnt either but are u doing this all at once or slowly upgarding because i can tell u now ur not gonna get emg set and ofr installed for $400 including labor
edit: reread it 400+ labor sounds right u might be better off just upgrading guitar but if u like the feel of the guitar u have upgrade it
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upgrade your pups but leave the bridge alone. in my experience the difference between floyds and licenced is too small to make the change as long as it stays in tune.