what amp is better? the DA20 or the AD50VT? i play mostly metal and alternative rock..

Both of those would be a downgrade from your V18. Replace your OD pedal if you want better distorted tones.


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^Maybe he just wants a modeler to cover more bases?

I still use my AD50VT (though it's for sale), and I have a V33.

The AD kicks the shit out of the DA by the way.
Try out a Zakk Wylde Overdrive on your V-18, or maybe grab a guitar with humbuckers. Either or both would help out alot.
just edited my sig...i actually dont have a V18, i was going to order one last night, but i realised it was going to be too heavy for me to bring from the States to Brasil (where i live), so i only have my FW15R...