My names Mark and I’m a 21 year old songwriter from Liverpool looking for producer collaboration on some songs I have written.

I am interested in making lots of money and as soon as possible, consequently I write my songs for whoever sells, due to the saturation of indie bands in the U.K this means i normally write for the us market. My problems are that I am quite under motivated, have virtually no industry contacts and only have an 8 track Tascam recorder which I concede cannot is not adequate to make recordings good enough to submit to publishers. As much as I like to do things on my own I admit I don’t have the knowledge or the resources to go much further with these songs than I already have. I’m looking for someone in the U.K who has, or has access to, a better standard of recording equipment (home studio, computer etc) and is interested in collaboration with me.

I currently have three songs I am focusing on at the moment, one is a “rihanna style” pop/r&b song, another is a song I made specifically for the American singer Chris Daughtry and another is a piano based light pop song that I am think is great but am still unsure as to who the song suits. I have extremely rough recordings of these songs that I can send to you if interested.