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I've been pondering this ever since I heard it and got on the radio. People where having their veiws on God and about how christians mainly catholics were bashing gay or *faggots* as they like to call them. Anyway I came up with a point to piss those christians off and this was

1. God never wrote the bible at all and all those people who say it's the word of god can piss off because you think people were truthfull enough to put exactly what god said.
2.God is a massive gay it says in the bible that god is neither sex but God would have to take thew form of a man to rape Mary henceforth he is everywhere so that means he is watching me in the shower and when I'm naked constantly watching.
3 or God intended us to be gays in the first plae and managed to **** us up.

So your veiws on god and how his *christians* have failed.
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One time I was getting head from my (now ex) girlfriend, I blew my load in her mouth and she spat it back in my face. Seriously.

My views are that if god exists, he has a very twisted sense of humor.

Hmmm. A more detailed search is needed, I think.

Religion thread maybe?
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