I've tried out a lot of strings but i've been living off a 5 pack of D'addario 10's for the past few months..
They last about 2 weeks for me before they got totally rusty, must be my fingers?

So I found a good deal on Elixirs so they aren't insanely more expensive.

I'm considering going up a gauge, I know it improves tone slightly (At least I beieve it does).

But i'm wondering if I should just get skinny top heavy bottoms.. or go fully upto 11's.

What are the benefits of light top heavy bottoms? I don't play drop tuned or down tuned in my band but I play a lot of Opeth and Porcupine Tree where they use Drop D.
Would heavy bottoms be too big if i'm in standard most of the time?

Advice please!
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