Hey. As the top title suggests, i bought some strap locks for my les paul standard and I need some help.

I've had them on for a while now and they work great, apart from one thing. the bit that i had to screw into the body keeps coming loose (as in the screws undo themselves) i've tried to super glue them in and they still come out.

Any advise on what to do to keep the screws in place???

I've never used REAL strap locks but if that gets real anoying you can always switch back to the normal strap knob with a washer over it.


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I had the same problem. You could drill another hole in your guitar for the straplocks, but I didn't want to do that I ended up taking a few toothpicks and shoving them into the holes where the screw would go, then I filled it with wood glue and haven't had a problem since
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thanks for that, i might try that, coz i don't want to go making a new hole for it, plus i can't use the old strap holders coz the screws are smaller than the ones for the strap locks that i have on at the moment.

anymore suggestions are welcome btw.