I want a new acoustic but some of them are to bulky and hard to play. Can anyone reccomend one that doesnt have this problem. The price cannot be over $400. Thanks
i would HIGHLY recommend the taylor big baby... but its $450. save up the extra fifty- its worth it.
Err... I wouldn't suggest a big baby. The sound of a big baby is either decent or bad. The sound quality isnt consistent. There are also better choices for $400 in my opinion. The Art & Lutherie Ami parlour sized guitar has a lot of bite for a small guitar. The Yamaha FG700S Folk should also be a bit smaller than the standard dreadnought.

To be honest though... All acoustic guitars are bulky and hard to play at first, but when you get used to it, you won't be disappointed.
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My Ibanez TCY 10 acoustic-electric is a great step from electric to acoustic, but the quality of those is really inconsistent. I would suggest going to a store and playing some guitars in your range that you feel comfortable playing. And if possible, buy the same guitar you played, because they won't all play the same.
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How small are you talking about? Like a folk guitar, or something like the Big Baby, recommended above?

If it's the latter, I frankly recommend dealing with it, for the reasons captivate posted above. If the former, then look at something like the Alvarez RF20.