when people change from standard, do most just know the notes around open position (i know some crazy metal players who live in some ungodly tuning know them all)? but i mean for most people, do they just work out the notes they need to play for a certain song and use those? or do a lot the entire fretboard?
i just usually stay in standard because im afraid of messing up in alternate and having no clue where i am on the fretboard
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Depends how alternate the tuning is. If you're in drop D then you only need to worry about the 1 string, when you play a note on it just play 2 frets higher than how you'd play it on standard tuning. If you're talking about some crazy custom tuning then you need to have good knowledge of intervals so you can apply that to the custom tuning and know where which note is where.
It's actually the 6th string... just to clear up any technicalities.
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