I bought this Crate VTX-65 back in August, and when you have a cable plugged into the input slot, there is this loud buzzing noise that will not go away.

I had it sent off for like 3 weeks and when I got it back they didn't even fix it, I don't suppose, because the noise just won't ****ing stop. It's not the guitar or the cable because I've tried it w/ over 5 different guitars and about 3 cables.

I got the amp brand new for $321 and it has amazing cleans and the distortion has two channels, one which is actually really good for solos and metal and the other good for classic rock, so I'm really against looking for a new amp, but the noise is unbearable. It's just the right frequency to give me a headache every time I have something plugged in.

So if there is anything I can do to fix this, please lemme know any of your ideas. Thanks!
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