I'm so close to buying my peavey classic 30, i play a blues and classic rock like led zeppelin but i also play a lot of hard rocky stuff such as guns n roses and AC/DC.
I play metal a little bit but i have a boss gt-8 to give me my metal distortion (i may buy a tube pedal later on but that doesnt matter at the moment)

i have £400 which is enough for my classic 30 but am i making the right decision? is there anything else i should consider?

thanks alot for your help,

Edit; what other alternative should i look at?

i would be willing to spend a bit more but only if it was really worth it!

i don't really want to go used on this one to be honest because it is my first tube amp

also one last thing, i would like around 30W just incase i do gig or anything,
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I would say that the C30 is a good choice. Make sure you try alternatives though to be sure you have the best amp.
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its a great amp and will do those non metal tones great, and can probably do the metal tones pretty well too. if that is your absolute budget, then it is the perfect amp for you. unless you find something better used.
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Chea_man is the best.
In your pricerange?
Laney VC30
used Orange rocker 30s
used Vox AC30

I would just get rid of that nasty gt-8 so you could get a better amplifier
laney protube I'm tellin' you that would be perfect
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I'm not going to get rid of the gt-8 because i can plug earphones into it and its good for weird effects and for playing around with my bass on it is soo fun, so im keeping it