Bought a LTD EX-400 but weird thing is that it keeps detuning itself no matter what I do. So I thought, since I believe it also is not correctly intonated (yes, for being a bit more expensive guitar it should have better intonation from the start and not detune so much!) maybe that is the problem that it detunes so much?

P.S. yeah it's a bit cold in my room, doesn't seem to matter that much with the temperatur
Yeah I would either innotate it yourself or have it done professionally first of all
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well, check it.

get a tuner (if you can afford and use a strobr tuner, it's the best) and do the following on each string.

1. Play your 12th fret harmonic (called your second harmonic, because you're creating a nodal point at the 12th fret)
2. Read Tuner. tune to E.(we'll say you're tuning to Standard tuning, so 440Hz)
3. Play your 12th Fret.
4. Look at your tuner again. if it's EXACTLY the same, you're properly intonated.

if not:

a) your fretted note is LOW; you will have to shorten your scale length slightly (turn the adjustment screw so that your saddle will move TOWARDS the neck, pups, etc).


b) your fretted note is HIGH; you will have to increase the scale length (adjust the saddle to move AWAY from the neck, pups, etc.

that, or you just gotta stretch your strings out, it is new afterall.

Quote by deftonesordie
that, or you just gotta stretch your strings out, it is new afterall.

Well, it's not that new, I have changed strings but that was some weeks ago, so they should be quite stretched-out by now, sorry for that. But I will give what you said a try but think I will pay someone to intonate it. Thanks for the help anyways