I play post hardcore and run a Gibson SG Standard thru a Mesa single rec.

My tone right now is very similar to Silverstein, Chiodos and Saosin.

I'm playing through a mesa cab that's older than I am. It's not mine so I have to buy my own, I'm not sure which to buy, VHT, Marshall, Mesa etc.

Instead of paying massive bucks for a new mesa recto cab, you could order an avatar cab with celestion v30's or you could even buy the line 6 valve cab and switch the logos (the line 6 valve has v30's too, and its more than half the price) xx
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Go for a used Mesa cab from ebay.
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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VHT Oversized cabs are great. Depending on the sound you want, maybe even a orange cab. It gives off immense low end, nice mid range, and makes your high's sound great without stabbing your ears.