Do any of you? I absolutely cannot play guitars that aren't mine. I don't know what it is but I bomb unless I'm on my own gear.

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I know people who can't even play their own gear! lol

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Your guitar

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Oh hai I r Billy Joe Armstrong and I r teh PunK rawkerz lololol o whats tis?

Your guitar

O ya I 4gots lololololololololol

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i can but i cant play anyone elses drums

Okay now that's a little weird, unless it's an ENTIRELY different setup lol.

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And the nominees for worst post ever are...


And yeah, I know what you mean TS. I'm decent with other people's gear but I'm just not as good as I usually am.
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I think I sound better off my friends guitar. However, I don't sound too bad off my own anyway

Still suck in comparison to a lot of players though
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I can pretty much play great as long as it's not radically different.

On drums I'm just not as flashy if I'm on a different kit, 'cause I don't feel as comfortable.
I barely use anyone else's gear, because I'm a lefty and I don't know anyone else who plays my way. The only person that uses my guitar is me. I'd gladly share, though...
My band practise at our lead guitarists, and he has like 20 great guitars or something, 2 shit amps and no FX pedals. I just can't use the awesome guitars with the shit distortion on the amps.

Well, I tend to like Jumbo Frets and U necks, so my playing is quite off if it's a Fender C neck or medium frets. There's a reason you pick your own gear...it's because it's best for you.
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Scale length is the only thing that really fucks with me on different guitars, i've played for 5 years on 24.75" scales (my LP and acoustics) and when i change to a 25.5" (my build) i have to adjust slightly.

basses however, i'm pretty much the same over all scale lengths... with the stretches and the speed of the stuff i'd play on bass, my arm moves about the same amount on all scales.

I can play pretty much any guitar, seeing as when we have a band practice, I often don't fancy lugging my guitar to my drummers house, so I just use his Dads guitars instead.
Yeah, I have trouble at times, but there are "types" of guitars I can play on fine and others that make me struggle, but less now then in the past. Still don't like classical guitars, but that's a whole different instrument.
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And the nominees for worst post ever are...
Give him a rest, he's French. He has enough troubles.

I sort of know what you mean. A different neck scale throws me off for a while.
It's sort of back to the whole 'it's not the wand, it's the wizard' deal. Sure the wand doesn't make the wizard, but using someone else's wand just isn't right.
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I play my friend's guitar better than I play my own.

Ok, that means it's time for you to do something. I'll let you guess what.
I had to play another bass at a gig I did last year and it cemented my hate of Fenders.

The action was too high, the strings were normal guage (I use lights) and the neck felt like I was playing a baseball bat.
I hate fenders too. But other people's guitars, it depends. I'm fine with just about any neck, any scale, but the thing that really ****s with me...

The action, and the bridge.

I'm not used to floating trem bridges, so when I palm mute, I'm used to my tune-o-matic bridge, and I press down on the bridge hard, so on a floating trem, the strings detune. Then, on guitars where the action is too high, it REALLY ****s me up, because it's hard as shit to play.
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using someone else's wand just isn't right.

Thats what she said
Depends on the guitar doesn't it. If you play a strat, and your mate has a massive jazz box, its not gonna work. If your mate has a strat though, and you proceed to play that, you should be just fine.

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well obviously different brands of guitars are built differently and take some getting used to...that happens to everybody. i have an SG, and yesterday i picked up my friend's jackson (i didn't want to say dinky ) and played better. that was just because it was has a faster, thinner neck that was more appropriate for the song i was playing.

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I can play other people's stuff, but i have something called Les Paul Syndrome - i just CAN'T play Les Pauls to save my life.

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i can but i cant play anyone elses drums

I know where you're coming from. Playing other people's drums is so... awkward.

I find playing other people's acoustic guitars to be perfectly fine though. I can't play someone else's electric though. It's mostly because I feel like I have to find the perfect tone first. It annoys me when I play a electric and the tone's not right for me.
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nope, i play better on other peoples guitar cos mines shite.
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nope, i play better on other peoples guitar cos mines shite.

unless theirs is even shittier.
or if they use a different string gauge it screws up my bends. And I don't like Floyd Roses very much, I'll get used to them eventually tho.
I prefer to use my own gear but I can play other peoples instruments perfectly well...
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