Hey guys, im working a strat and i applies some grain filler (2 coats) sanded 220 (this is the water-based stuff from stewmac.. cant import nitro into canada ) and now i applied 2 coats of sand & sealer and sanded 220 again...

as reranch said i should get all the shiny spots out...

so my questions, i just put the 3rd coat of S&S and will soon put 4th, wen i sand it down to remove ALL shiny spots, wouldnt that bring me down to the grain filler?

(previously the body came sanded and sealed, but wen i put the primer on the grains werent filled, so i sanded the primer off and did the process as just stated)


Removing the shiny spots just means, once you rough it up with sandpaper, it goes scratchy and dull. That is all.

Just do a really light BLOCK sanding, and rough it up so the paint sticks.

EDIT: I'm in Canada too, where do you get sanding sealer? I think I found a place, but I'm not sure.
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i got the sand&sealer from stewmac.com i got the water based one... i dont think i have found a sand and sealer here thats the same.. i've found sealers but i wasnt sure if they'd do the job...

so just to make sure, ive put the 4th coat of S&S on the guitar, so i should let it dry and then just lightly sand not needing to worry about removing the shine?
sorry for the double post, but what process did u use on ur build? i want mine to be that white and shiny too