im really considering buying this amp, 15 watt version, or maybe the cube. most people havesed the cube but im thinking as this is just a bedroom amp and i write more than i learn is the versitility of the xl worth it for compositional purposes? or shall i stick with the cube.

iv tested the cube and the non xl vox but am unable to est the xl.
i have the Vox AD30VT

and i cant put a bad word about it!


however, the XL version, in my eyes, Sounds terrible!

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get the normal valvetronixs if i were you nice enough metal models on there plsu much better classic rock models
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I have a valvetronix 50W xl. it's the 2-12"

it sounds damn good. You sould really look into the xl series. i can't speak for the regular valvetronix, but if you're looking for METAL, it's what you need.

The reverb especially sounds good on it